Day Sailing

Considering getting into the sport of sailing? Gateway Sailing’s Intro to Sailing is a great first step! This two-hour skippered charter is designed to provide folks who are considering getting into sailing with a real glimpse of the sport, our club and our people.

Corporate Team Building

Nothing else inspires bonding and teamwork to quite the same extent as sailing. Success requires good communication in challenging situations, to work together towards a common goal. At Gateway Sailing, we care about what we do and being the best, qualities that are relevant to every business.

Adventure Sailing

It might be good to be out from the city and just enjoy a peaceful sailing cruise alone, or with your family, friends or loved ones. More and more people are turning into sailing as their way of relaxing. This is because most individuals are given the chance to do whatever they wanted to do.

Family Sailing

Part of Gateway Sailing’s mission is to get as many people out on the water as possible, therefore Family Sailing Courses are very high on our agenda.
Gateway Sailing’s Family courses not only provide the opportunity to spend quality time with your children.

Gateway Regattas

As every good businessman knows, collaboration leads to higher performance. Gateway Sailing’s Team Regattas cultivates just the kind of collaboration you want to see in your team. It’s action-packed and engaging, but it also models the communication and problem-solving skills.

Beach Parties

Bring the surf and sand of the beach with our fun and exciting beach parties.
Sometimes simple is best… For one person who always says “Don’t throw me a party…” The solution is a beach bonfire. Informal, and everyone has a good time.