Corporate Sailing in Mumbai

Welcome to our Corporate Sailing Team Building Center. We have built a robust set of teambuilding and consulting services that organizations use for many purposes; as rewards; to build comraderie among new or changing teams; to learn new skills and insights for achieving better results in their organizations. Sailing is rich with business parallels. It is an activity that succeeds with teamwork, communication, on-the-spot problem solving and solidleadership. As you will see from the testimonials below, Gateway Sailing’s Team and Consulting activities are a powerful catalyst for postitive change and accelerated learning. Feel free to call us to discuss your specific needs. Our consultants and planners will be able to focus our resources on your goals.

Team Building

Nothing else inspires bonding and teamwork to quite the same extent as sailing. Success requires good communication in challenging situations, to work together towards a common goal. At Gateway Sailing, we care about what we do and being the best, qualities that are relevant to every business. We can tailor the perfect team building event for you, using skills and content relevant to you. Gateway Sailing’s team building events leave participants with a revitalised sense of collaborative purpose.

Corporate Sailing Events

Whatever kind of corporate sailing event you are looking for, Gateway Sailing can deliver it. We ensure that a day out on the water will be enjoyable for your clients and staff whether they are novices or serious sailors. By its very nature, sailing encourages trust, strengthens relationships and fosters morale. To give your corporate sailing event a bit of an edge, and to bring out everyone’s competitive side, consider including a racing element.

Our corporate Sailing Events are the perfect combination of “plug and play” ease and thoughtful customization. If you want to get your team to dabble in a new experience, or bond through a real adventure, we will design an event to fit your needs.