Fractional Ownership - Buy a Yacht in India

Fractional boat ownership offers a cost effective alternative to the financial burden and other stresses of owning a boat or yacht. Sailing boats are rapidly depreciating assets, and often end up being used much less frequently than the owner anticipated.

Owning a share of a fractional yacht enables the buyer to only pay for what they will realistically use. And don’t forget that yachts and boats are not only expensive to buy, but to run and maintain. An added bonus of a fractional ownership is that the annual maintenance expenses will be handled by our club.

There is a huge variety of sailboats boats and yachts on offer, from modest day cruisers and sailing yachts.

Membership Benefits

  • Sail on any day of the year
  • Bring your guests along at no extra cost
  • All members will get a Free learn to sail course at any time of the year
  • All members will receive a YAI Learn to Sail Certificate on successful completion of the coures
  • All members will receive special discounts on all Adventure sailing trips
  • Access to participate in National and Regional Regattas