Corporate Regattas

As every good businessman knows, collaboration leads to higher performance. Gateway Sailing’s Team Regattas cultivates just the kind of collaboration you want to see in your team. It’s action-packed and engaging, but it also models the communication and problem-solving skills that are so essential in today’s business environment. We bet that for your group, Gateway Regattas will long be remembered as a turning point, and all of the skills that team members learn will transfer back to the work environment.
The full-day event focuses on helping participants develop the teamwork necessary to handle a yacht and maneuver it around a series of challenge courses. In the morning, the team builds their sailing skills, guided by a professional instructor, so that your people quickly learn how to command and control the vessel. Then, in the afternoon, the teams apply their new skills to sailing challenges focused on your strategic objectives. On board the yachts, each participant takes command of the vessel, steering the boat and guiding the team through the objective, while the other team members control the mainsail, the jib, and act as tacticians.

Some teams need work on communications, others collaboration, some on teamwork, leadership and fellowship. After rigorous rounds of doing and learning, the team members rotate positions until each has steered successfully through the course. They then can determine the ‘optimum’ team assignments based on their skills, talents and new insights while they continue to improve their results. Learning is fast. Our skippers witness lots of “aha!” moments on board.

We’ve seen it over and over again in Gateway Regattas: Performance improves rapidly as the team works together to develop communication, reinforcement and cooperation. The results can be stunning, especially for those who may have had no previous sailing experience.