How do I start Sailing?

You could join our training programs as listed in the Sailing Courses.
You could book a boat and go out sailing with our fully trained YAI instructor.
You could become a member of our sailing club.

Are the children permitted to sail?

Absolutely. You can take them with you. In fact, we have a special category of boats called Optimists which is designed to accomodate only kids within the ages of 8 to 15. If your child shows an interest in Sailing, we have an Optimist Training Program in place.

Our Sail Boats ?

Our club has what’s called a Seabird Class of Boat. These are ideal boats to start sailing with.

Is Sailing expensive?

Not at all. An evening sail from 4 pm to 6 pm would cost Rs. 500/- on a weekday and Rs. 600/- on a weekend.

Can I take my friends ?

Yes, the maximum complement, including our Instructor and kids (whatever age), is five on a Seabird. All categories of members may take their guests for sail.

Must I know Swimming ?

Not Compulsory. You can always wear a Buoyancy Aid/Lifejacket and feel safe. Buoyancy Aid is provided on the boats but always have them wear a buoyancy aid for safety. For kids in the Optimists, knowing swimming is compulsory and so is wearing buoyancy aid.

Is a Instructor compulsory ?


How and when can I book a boat?

You can make a provisional booking well in advance. You may fill in Boat Requisition Form online. The Sailing Supervisor will do the booking at the appropriate time. You may call us to confirm your booking.

How do I actually get into my booked boat ?

Come (at the booked time) at the top of the slipway (the sloping pier) which is hang across the old Taj. You will see some Tindals in dark blue uniform. Your Instructor will be waiting for you. He will materialize out of the thin air or probably be in the little dinghy. Leave the rest to him, and walk carefully on the slipway.

What do I wear ?

Anything goes…..shorts, jeans, but a cap, sunglasses and shoes or sandals with a good grip are recommended. For a race, a water resistant stopwatch and a small multi purpose penknife will be handy. Gold chains, etc. usually fall into the sea.

What is the best time to sail? How far can I go?

The morning land breeze provides an excellent sail during the first part of the season until February. The late afternoon wind guarantees you a sail throughout the season. pay heed to the Instructor’s advice of how far you should go and when you should begin your return, until you know the harbour well enough. The Instructor is watchful of various conditions like strong ebb tides and out of bound areas between Middle Ground and the Naval Dockyard, and the reefs like the dangerous one extending south of Oyster Rock etc. Carry sufficient drinking water.